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BUILT location: Ronda de Sant Antoni, Barcelona co-authors: TAKK Architecture dance: Rosa Ballarín y Dominik Borucki  promoter: Model Festival d’Arquitectures de Barcelona + Ajuntament de Barcelona  construction company: self-construction Photography: Barcelona City Council, Alex Baijet published in: La VanguardiaDiari AraArchdailyEl periódico20 minutos, Diario Design, Núvol  Evidencing the scarcity of green areas in cities and the serious problem of global biodiversity reduction in a world that is also finite, a mobile artifact as a reservoir hosts a multitude of trees, plants, shrubs and insects that they represent the capacity to mitigate the effects of global warming or to stimulate biodiversity. The planet’s biodiversity is reduced year after year and up to a million species could disappear in the coming decades. Cities are the focus of this process mainly due to the concentration of CO2 emissions, the heat island effect and the scarcity of green areas. The proposal reflects on possible models of public space capable of helping to reverse this situation. With the idea of safeguarding species from a global, not a local, panorama, different climates, altitudes, structures, and landscapes from different parts of the world are represented in the installation. Species capable of absorbing 10 times more CO2 than usual, edible species that open up new possibilities in our food sovereignty, or species capable of summoning other agents through the establishment of relationships of mutualism, inquilinism or symbiosis, will be some of the guests that They will meet at the facility. The proposal also shows the competition relationships for space and resources that occur in nature, in a finite world. During the festival, this artifact was moved around the Llosa de Sant Antoni, acting as a pilot project to imagine future scenarios that are as necessary as they are desirable.